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So… a while ago I purchased a snow foam from a company, which to be honest, just bought from as liked the name and concept. The brand was… @constellation_chemicals 😂

Lets get to it… The snow foam is called Pulsar, which is pH neutral. The logo is brilliant and I love the look of the bottle. Only issue I had is that the label is starting to peel off, but oh well.

I unscrewed the lid and stuck my hooter in. Hmm this smells of soap, smells of clean – does that make sense! This smelled like it was clean freak!

The website states divide by 20 for heavily soiled vehicles or 10 for lightly soiled vehicles. To be honest, my car was caked in mud, but still added 100ml and 900ml to my snow foam lance.

I squeezed the trigger and the product streamed out. Hmm, this stuff is not thick at all, it had the consistency of a drying aid. For me, I personally like a fairly thickish snow, so for thickness it’s a 2 out of 5. After seeing the thickness, I was like this is not going to clean well…boy was I wrong. This absolutely destroyed the dry on mud at ease – this is a cleaning beast! I was really impressed with the cleaning power whilst being a pH neutral snow foam.

I left the foam on for about 6 minutes and rinsed off at ease. The result was a fanatically clean and shiny car. This product is very impressive.

Cost – with a 500ml bottle at £8 (on sale at £5 atm) this would last me 5 washes so £1.60 per wash or £1 with the sale.

I was extremely impressed with the cleaning power of this snow foam. It removed the dirt, grime and dried on mud easily. Sadly I was not a fan of the smell and the thickness – but this is just a personal preference. So… this drop ½ a star each for the smell and thickness but claimed ½ star back for the cleaning power. So a very well deserved ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️½ stars. I would easily recommend this snow foam if you’re looking for a pH neutral, powerful cleaning snow foam. Great product!

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@weekendwarriorreviews Instagram 13/10/2020

@constellation_chemicals Cosmos – Ceramic QD

An Si02 infused quick detailer that can out perform some waxes.. and takes half the time to apply, what isn’t to like?

At £12.50 for 500ml it is more expensive than most other quick detailers, but again considering the price of some waxes comparatively this is quite cheap.

It’s a simple product to use, once the car has been cleaned (and preferably a chemical decontamination for the best results) you spray across the panels (2-3 sprays per panel) spread with one cloth, then buff with another (something like an edgeless plush cloth).
I found that the product can be a little grabby, perhaps due to over application as this wasn’t consistent, but after buffing the product it leaves the paint feeling feeling like glass. And the water behaviour is incredible.

Instantly there’s a warm glow and a great shine, really making the car stand out, even on my own white car.

Personally I’ve found on most panels the product lasts around 2 months, however on lower panels, bonnet and passenger door, the product lasts around 3-4 weeks with nothing used after washes.

Personally I wouldn’t use this as a ‘quick detailer’ instead I would use it as a stand alone last stage product, for smaller/quicker jobs.

Overall an absolutely fantastic product, lasts around 2 months with one application and no top up, can be a little grabby, great beading and smells great!

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@sb__reviews Instagram 13/17/2020

Want a snowfoam that actually does clean the car extremely well without the thick shaving foam like consistency which is only good for Insta pics?

You do?

Well have a look at Pulsar from @constellation_chemicals then.

CYR doesn’t do this product as samples so please contact Constellation themselves to purchase their products.

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