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The new MUST have for all detailers, the Detailing Scrub Pads (aka “Scrubber Dubbers”) are made from Nylon scrub-fibres and super soft microfibre. The Detailing Scrub Pads give you that happy medium between a stiff bristled brush and a regular microfibre cloth.

The firm yet gentle nylon fibres provide just the right amount of agitation without damaging delicate surfaces such as leather or vinyl.

The Detailing Scrub Pads are perfect for use on:

  • Hard plastics like dashboards and door cards.
  • Leather steering wheels.
  • Leather and vinyl seats.
  • High skin contact areas like hand brakes and gear sticks.

Simply spray the rough side of the Detailing Scrub Pads with Equinox All Purpose Cleaner or Meteor Leather Cleaner and work the product into the surface. Flip over and buff out with the microfibre side.


If using on leather, only use a dedicated leather cleaner on unbroken leather and always test on an inconspicuous area first.

Do NOT use with caustic products like neat Equinox or Zenith.

To clean the pad after use, hand wash only using a small amount of washing up liquid and water, scrub clean, rinse thoroughly with clean water and then allow the pad to dry naturally.

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2 reviews for Detailing Scrub Pads

  1. Ryan Fergusson (verified owner)

    I know they’re the same as scrubber dubbers but they’re 3 for a tenner and these are 4 for 8 quid. Fantastic products i think this is one of the best tools this decade for valeting.

  2. James Vaughn (verified owner)

    Absolute bargain 4 for 8 quid and they come in a nice zip pouch too. Work great with the leather cleaner.

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