Water behaviour – The common misconceptions

Everyone loves beading and hydrophobic products. We certainly do! But why does it happen and how do they work? What do people mean when they say does it bead or sheet? I saw a post on Facebook the other day asking for a recommendation for a product that would sheet instead of bead. I was astounded at the amount of answers from self proclaimed "experts" who were just wrong. They just added more and more misinformation on what the difference between beading and sheeting actually was so... here's the actual difference: We've all seen pictur...

Detergents – What are they and why do we use them?

Detergent is a fancy way of saying soap. The proper definition is: a water-soluble cleansing agent which combines with impurities and dirt to make them more soluble, and differs from soap in not forming a scum with the salts in hard water. Detergents are made up of chemicals called Surfactants (Surface Active Agents), but like the soap you see in the supermarket there are many different types of surfactants; each designed to do a specific role. It's our job to create a product blend of a little bit of everything so it can clean anything ...
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