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The glass cleaning kit contains everything you need to deep clean and protect your vehicles glass!

The glass cleaning kit contains:

  • 500ML Moonlight Glass Sealant
    • Moonlight is a highly hydrophobic glass sealant and protector. Developed to be able to withstand the worst weather conditions including, snow and ice, acid rain and extreme heat. Moonlight forms a permanent chemical bond to your vehicles glass leaving behind a nano shield that will last 6-9 months in one application.Using Moonlight glass sealant makes driving in the rain an ease at approx. 40 mph you may not even need your wipers at all!Safe to use on glass, acrylic, bike visors and goggles.
  • 500ML Luna Glass Cleaner
    • Luna is our new and improved hydrophobic, degreasing and streak free glass cleaner.Formulated to not only clean but also protect. Containing specialist siloxane technology it will physically bond to your glass’ chemical structure to create a semi permanent protective hydrophobic layer lasting up to 3 months. Luna is a fast acting and quick flashing glass cleaner. It dissolves greases and evaporates quickly removing the grease and oils with ease.Our hydrophobic glass cleaner is great for removing grease, fingerprints and dirt from your vehicles windows, mirrors and chrome parts, leaving behind a crystal clear and streak free finish.Luna is also safe to use on tinted windows, acrylic and touch screens to remove dust and finger grease build up.

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Weight1.2 kg

7 reviews for Glass Cleaning Kit

  1. Owen (verified owner)

    Very fast delivery! ordered tuesday arrived thursday, cant wait to try out the products

  2. Anthony (verified owner)

    Good quality packaging, fast delivery, great value

  3. Matty (verified owner)

    Very fast delivery, highly recommenced

  4. Alan (verified owner)

    £13 for 2 products absolute bargain

  5. Jackson (verified owner)

    Well worth the money, not buying anything else

  6. Zohar (verified owner)

    My cousin recommended me the Luna glass cleaner and I picked up the sealant too for an extra few quid, worked a treat on mine and the gfs windows

  7. Max (verified owner)

    Great value, nice to find a glass sealant that doesnt break the bank Thnx Frank!

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