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So you’ve seen how awesome our new Graphene oxide paint sealant products are; and you now want to join the Graphene revolution and get some of our world first Graphene snowfoam? So why not save by getting both of them and grab something else with the saving?

Our Graphene Sealant Bundle contains:

1x Parallax Graphene Sealant

Graphene oxide nanoplatelet infused ceramic detailing spray sealant.

Parallax combines all the ceramic protection of our Ceramic QD Cosmos but is infused with graphene oxide nanoplatelets. Formulated to be easy to use and long lasting it doesn’t just contain hydrophobic siloxanes and special binders to ensure it stays on your vehicle for months at a time; it also contains a high loading of graphene oxide nanoplatelets to protect against the toughest of environments.

Parallax graphene sealant is a hydrophobic spray sealant with amazing gloss and beading. Be stunned by the almost wet look paint and silky smooth feel from just one application.

1x Gravity Graphene Snow Sealant

Gravity is a WORLD FIRST Graphene snowfoam sealant made with REAL graphene oxide nanoplatets.

Gravity combines the power of our Ceramic Snow Sealant Aquarius with the protection of Graphene.

Gravity graphene snowfoam sealant is a hydrophobic lance applied spray on rinse off sealant with amazing water repellency and beading. It will leave a long lasting and high gloss protection in just one easy application.

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1 review for Graphene Paint Sealant Bundle

  1. curtistroy77 (verified owner)

    Two outstanding products that exceeded expectations!
    Graphene snow foam – I used 30ml in 300ml of water that got round a BMW 1 series nearly twice. Probably the best hydrophobics I’ve seen from this kind of product, looked super glossy once dried as well, smells good too!
    Graphene Sealant – very easy to use, little is definitely more here, outstanding gloss and looks brilliant in the rain.
    Would recommend to anybody!

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