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Gravity is a WORLD FIRST Graphene snowfoam sealant made with REAL graphene oxide nanoplatets.

Developed after months of gruelling research and long nights; Gravity combines the power of our ceramic snow sealant Aquarius with the protection of Graphene.

Graphene oxide is a single 1-atom thick layer of graphite in a hexagonal, which makes it incredibly strong and also chemically impermeable; meaning it acts a filter and doesn’t allow anything through. This protects against things such as acid rain, road salt, bird lye etc.

Gravity graphene snowfoam sealant is a hydrophobic lance applied spray on rinse off sealant with amazing water repellency and beading. It will leave a long lasting and high gloss protection in just one easy application.

Yes it may be the most expensive product in our range but with with protection this good it’ll be worth it.

Too expensive? why not check out our Ceramic Snow Sealant?

Contains REAL Graphene nanoplatelets from Applied Graphene Materials.

PLEASE NOTE: Gravity may cause discolouration in certain lances as the graphene gets into the micro pores of the plastic. This can be removed with some scrubbing.

How To Use:

  1. Thoroughly wash your vehicle to remove any dirt and allow Gravity Graphene Snow Sealant to bond to with your vehicles paintwork.
  2. Dilute 1 part Gravity to 9 parts water in your snowfoam lance.
  3. Apply to a wet vehicle and allow to bond for up to 2 minutes.
  4. Rinse.
  5. Dry.

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Weight.6 kg

500ML, 5L

13 reviews for Gravity – Graphene Snowfoam Sealant

  1. Shawn (verified owner)

    Good product, very hydrophobic, I didn’t believe the videos but its sick. not a 5 star though as the price tag is a bit steep at £5 per wash (edit- corrected its more like £2 you can do 3 cars with 100ml easy)

  2. Jim Clarke (verified owner)

    Saw this on WWR and decided to try some as I usually use polar blast and this blows it out of the water! Nice to see some innovation from a small company too.

  3. Tracey (verified owner)

    Bought some after seeing it on facebook, the husbands all into this ceramic graphene hype so thought he’d enjoy it and our Fiesta has never looked so good! Super shiny and the water just rolls off even when it rains the car looks dry! 5* would defo recommend

  4. A Jones (verified owner)

    Absolutely amazing! beads like mad and gloss for days

  5. Stacey (verified owner)

    Arrived yesterday, was sceptical of using this on my 500 as its white and the graphene is pitch black!!! But it went on super easily and the beading is amazing

  6. Z (verified owner)

    It’s really good when it went on. Amazing beading and easy to apply. Looked shiny and glossy. 2-3 months later, the beading seems to have mostly disappeared. I waited 1 month between washing and it seems to have either degraded the product or there is still dirt on the car. Nevertheless it still works and I shall see if it needs a top up soon.

  7. James Vaughn (verified owner)

    Great product, customers love the addition this is to their package. Great for winter packages.

  8. Danny Buchner (verified owner)

    Arrived just in time for Christmas, this is the 3rd bottle I’ve bought now defo should have bought a 5L as this is my new go to sealant. Move over magiseal!

  9. Andrew Barfold (verified owner)

    Thanks to royal fail it took ages to arrive but its so easy to use and beads like crazy. Would highly recommend!

  10. S. Matrijc (verified owner)

    The very best product good beading. applied in november and still working. 5 star

  11. IvorB1H (verified owner)

    Took a chance on this in the Black Friday sale constellation chemicals were unknown to me but saw someone on DW talking about them.

    Bought for my wife’s car and 8 weeks on it’s had every element barring fire chucked at it still going strong seems to keep the car cleaner for longer than most other products I’ve used too, might take a look at a suitable QD to keep it topped up

  12. Ranjit Singh (verified owner)

    Top quality product made in UK shipped all the way to India for my business. Very appreciated sir

  13. Jon Ashton (verified owner)

    5 STARS!!! Cracking bit of kit the water behaviour is unrivalled 10/10

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