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Pulsar is our high concentration snowfoam which is pH neutral when applied and compatible with all types of paintwork, waxes, sealants and ceramic coatings.

Our pH neutral snowfoam* isn’t a thick shaving cream consistency “show foam” because thickness is a cheats way of cleaning. Pulsar was developed with humectants to wet a surface quickly allowing for the detergents to get in and do the hard work. Thicker foams are made to dwell so they soak in that way, however they tend not to remove dirt away from the surface.

Pulsar pH neutral snowfoam is formulated to break down dirt and grime and leave the surface ready for contact cleaning.

Every Pressure washer/lance combination is unique therefore we recommend calculating your setups panel impact ratio (PIR) before hand.

How To Use:

  1. For best performance on a heavily soiled vehicle use a PIR of 5%. For lighter cleans use a PIR of 1%
  2. Apply foam to the vehicle working from the top, down.
  3. Allow to work for up to 5 minutes.
  4. Rinse.
  5. Clean vehicle using Celestia.

Calculating PIR

  1. Fill up your snowfoam lance or feed reservoir with water.
  2. Spray your pressure washer and filled lance into a bucket until the lance is empty of water.
  3. Measure the total amount of water collected in L.
  4. Divide by 20 for heavily soiled vehicles or 100 for lightly soiled vehicles.
  5. That’s the amount of Pulsar needed in L now fill your lance with that much and top up with water.

For example; We have a Karcher K4 and with one of our snowfoam lances we expel 14L of water in the bucket. If we divide 14L by 20 gives you 0.7L which equals 700ML. That’s how much we need in our lance for a PIR of 5%. For a PIR of 1% we divide 14L by 100 which gives 0.14L or 140ML

Yes 700ML may seem like a lot but you’ll use less than 1L of snowfoam water mix on your vehicle. For example we can clean 4 cars with our setup using a PIR of 1%.

*pH neutral when in contact with the paintwork.

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4 reviews for Pulsar – pH Neutral Snowfoam

  1. Jimmy Bland

    Can’t believe how good this is! You can literally spray, sit back and watch the dirt run off! definitely my new favourite snowfoam and a bargain at £8

  2. Joe Kay

    The best snowfoam out there hands down! Does what it says on the bottle at a bargain price!

  3. Scott (verified owner)

    My go to snowfoam now. A actual PH neutral snowfoam that works!

  4. Stephen (verified owner)

    Amazing cleaning power! but doesn’t really “foam” as it’s thin but it’s shear cleaning power is unrivalled!!

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