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Aurora is our solvent based silicone tyre shine gel.

Unlike our Titan Tyre & Trim which is a water based product; Aurora was developed using some of the thickest  (12500 times the thickness of water!) and therefore the most long lasting types of silicone. Rubber is porous like a sponge and these pores collect dirt as you drive. The long chain silicone fills the pores similar to how filler works and because silicone is naturally hydrophobic it helps to keep dirt out.

Aurora has a refractive index of 1.46 which means its shiny – SUPER shiny, the more coatings you add the shinier it gets. Aurora will instantly make your vehicles tyres look brand new.

How to use:

  1. Pour Aurora Tyre Shine Gel onto a tyre dressing applicator or microfibre cloth.
  2. Work Aurora into the surface
  3. Using a clean microfibre remove any excess and buff for a satin finish.
  4. For a glossy finish, add more layers of Aurora.

Do NOT apply to tyre treads

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There seems to be an issue with Silicone this year, thanks to COVID and the Chinese being greedy there’s a world wide shortage with prices quadrupling if you can even get your hands on some. So please bear with us if stocks run low.

Additional information

Weight.15 kg

Sample, 500ML, 5L

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  1. WWR

    This tyre gel is remarkable! Leaves the tyre looking brand new, which lasts a really long time. No hesitation recommending this product.

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