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Introducing our new Detailing Brush Set, Detailing brushes were developed to aid in the safe removal of dirt and grime in hard-to-reach places.

The durable and chemical resistant synthetic bristles are capable of holding their shape and do not fray under pressure when in use. The stiff but soft fibres are able to tackle ingrained dirt without the risk of scratching sensitive trim. Works great with our All Purpose Cleaner.

Our Detailing Brush Set is supplied in a pack of 5 varying sizes allowing the option of a dedicated detailing brush for specific areas.

  • Size 18 – 24cm handle length – 30mm head width, 5cm bristle length
  • Size 16 – 23cm handle length – 25mm head width, 5cm bristle lenght
  • Size 14 – 22.5cm handle length – 20mm head width, 5cm bristle lenght
  • Size 12 – 22cm handle length – 15mm head width, 5cm bristle length
  • Size 10 – 20.5cm handle length – 10mm head width, 4.5cm bristle length

Suitable for interior and exterior plastics, fabrics, mirrors and wheels.

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